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Do Planks Improve Performance?

Planks Improve Spine Stability & Health When planks are performed correctly, they are a great exercise for general spine health for both athletes and non-athletes. They may not improve your hitting, throwing, swinging, kicking or punching velocity, but they do help re-align the spine, pelvis and shoulders in their natural[…]

Shoulder Anatomy for the Volleyball Arm Swing

Generate Arm Swing Results Your Body Can Tolerate Volleyball arm swing training should generate long-lasting competitive improvement. However, proper understanding of anatomy and movement is needed in order to achieve results that are progressive and longstanding. Unfortunately, lack of understanding often leads to training that causes injury, regardless if that[…]

What is The Core & Core Training?

This post will define The Core and What Core Training is. What is The Core? In the strength & conditioning and physical training worlds, the core often refers to a specific part of the human body being trained. While the definition of the core may differ based on who you[…]

Core Strength & Back Injury Prevention for Volleyball

This post shows professional volleyball player (Nicole Edelman) demonstrating the core strengthening exercises she performed as part of her post-injury rehabilitation program with Powercore 360. Spine & scoliosis specialist and physical therapist Julie Edelman D.P.T. discusses what muscles are being trained and why training in this fashion helps prevent future[…]