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How to Hit Home Runs, Crush a Ball or Throw Your Hardest

Try or Swing Your Hardest? Ever tried to put a little more power in your swing to hit a home run, hit a ball harder, further or throw faster? Most athletes find it doesn’t work out very well. It really doesn’t matter the sport. Anytime you try to swing or[…]

Golf – How Shoulder Turn Impacts Shot Power & Consistency – Part #1

How to Optimize Your Body & Golf Swing You’ve spent a lot of time & money getting fit and buying new “optimized” clubs. You’ve got them and the reality sets in that while they are the latest, coolest new technology, you’re still not hitting the ball consistently. Maybe you need[…]

Baseball – Maintaining In-Season Strength – Part #1

How to Maintain Your Strength, Arm & Bat Speed In-Season What Your Season is Doing to Your Arm & Bat Speed So you did your off season strength & conditioning work, you increased your strength, your hitting power, bat and arm speed.  Now you’re in the middle of your season[…]

How Professional Volleyball Players Hit With Great Power

How to Hit Hard with Effortless Power™ Increasing Arm Speed Most everyone in the volleyball world understands that to hit harder you need to increase arm speed. There’s two general ways often taught and seen in volleyball for how athletes are instructed to hit harder: Swing the arm harder, faster[…]

Volleyball Power Hitting Arm Swing After Back Injury

Teaching a “Rotational” Power Hitting Arm Swing After Back Injury Background The Athlete’s Recent Injury This 14 year old volleyball player had fractured two vertebrae in her lower back from arching her back while hitting (over the past few years of playing). The objective of our training session was to[…]

Teaching a Connected Power Baseball Swing

Good Happens with a Connected Power Swing. Swinging Bat Around Body Slows Bat Speed For most young developing hitters, they learn to swing the bat around their body in a way that actually reduces bat speed because the upper body gets essentially disconnected from the lower body. This typically slows[…]

How Hip and Shoulder Separation Improve Rotational Hitting and Throwing Performance

Improving performance in rotational sports, such as hitting and throwing, demands effective use of specific core muscles. Effective use of these muscles can automatically increase body torque, bat or arm speed, and power. Ineffective use impedes attaining these desired goals. Rotational power increases with improved hip and shoulder separation. An[…]

Volleyball Holiday Conditioning Program

General Instructions: Perform each exercise every other day Warm-up for 5-10 minutes BEFORE performing exercises Stop and discontinue if you experience pain or injury Read the instructions carefully & follow them Perform all movements slow unless otherwise instructed   Exercises: Seated Torso Turns Instructions: Perform 10 SLOW repetitions per set[…]

Baseball Stance Weight Distribution & Hip Power

Hit with Consistent Power! To consistently hit with maximize power you’ll want to ensure you have the same hitting routine every time you step into the batter’s box. Practice the following routine until you know longer have to think about it: Step into the box with your right foot Place[…]