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Baseball – Maintaining In-Season Strength – Part #1

How to Maintain Your Strength, Arm & Bat Speed In-Season What Your Season is Doing to Your Arm & Bat Speed So you did your off season strength & conditioning work, you increased your strength, your hitting power, bat and arm speed.  Now you’re in the middle of your season[…]

How Hip and Shoulder Separation Improve Rotational Hitting and Throwing Performance

Improving performance in rotational sports, such as hitting and throwing, demands effective use of specific core muscles. Effective use of these muscles can automatically increase body torque, bat or arm speed, and power. Ineffective use impedes attaining these desired goals. Rotational power increases with improved hip and shoulder separation. An[…]

Do Planks Improve Performance?

Planks Improve Spine Stability & Health When planks are performed correctly, they are a great exercise for general spine health for both athletes and non-athletes. They may not improve your hitting, throwing, swinging, kicking or punching velocity, but they do help re-align the spine, pelvis and shoulders in their natural[…]

Baseball Throwing Mechanics – Elbow Tuck & Turn Pull (resisted)

Set Up: Sit on ball or chair with hips and knees level and sit tall so spine is aligned (neutral) Band attached to right torso, @ chest level (band is anchored in front of right shoulder) Additional band is attached to exercise handle (held in right hand), (band is anchored in front[…][…]

Baseball Throwing Mechanics – Hip & Shoulder Separation Drill (resisted torso)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKpdqJBAVnE Set Up: Band attached to left torso, @ chest level Band is anchored 45 degrees behind right shoulder Cues: SLOWLY Move from Balance to Stride to Hip Turn keeping upper half closed until hip turn pulls torso/shoulders through Routine: 2-3 sets of 5-10 reps with band connected You are[…]

Baseball Throwing Mechanics – Seated Torso Turn (assisted t-spine mobility)

  Shoulder Turn to Right – Set Up: Band attached to left torso, @ chest level Band is anchored straight behind right shoulder Cues: Sit tall (don’t lean back or hunch forwards) & squeeze ball with thighs Turn to your right to the end range of flexibility; take deep breath[…][…]

Off-Season Baseball Power Hitting – Cycle 1

This program is ONLY for healthy athletes 15 years of age and older!   Dynamic Warm-Up (General – 5 mins) Jog High Knees Carioca Over/Unders Arm Circles   Dynamic Warm-Up (Hitting) Runner (Resisted Hip & Shoulder Flexion) – Set#1 – (Ankle – Orange band; Hand – Orange Band); Right/Left, 10[…][…]

Training Should Be Specific

The primary goal of competitive athletes should be to improve sports performance. The most direct way to improvement is to effectively use the concept of specificity of training. In other words, you perform as you train. Consequently, an athlete’s familiarity with this exercise concept is essential.   Specificity of training[…]