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How Hip and Shoulder Separation Improve Rotational Hitting and Throwing Performance

Improving performance in rotational sports, such as hitting and throwing, demands effective use of specific core muscles. Effective use of these muscles can automatically increase body torque, bat or arm speed, and power. Ineffective use impedes attaining these desired goals. Rotational power increases with improved hip and shoulder separation. An[…]

Baseball Stance Weight Distribution & Hip Power

Hit with Consistent Power! To consistently hit with maximize power you’ll want to ensure you have the same hitting routine every time you step into the batter’s box. Practice the following routine until you know longer have to think about it: Step into the box with your right foot Place[…]

Do Planks Improve Performance?

Planks Improve Spine Stability & Health When planks are performed correctly, they are a great exercise for general spine health for both athletes and non-athletes. They may not improve your hitting, throwing, swinging, kicking or punching velocity, but they do help re-align the spine, pelvis and shoulders in their natural[…]

Baseball Off-Season Hitting Strength, Power & Bat Speed Exercises

Squats Aren’t the Answer! Squats condition & train the body to move down-and-up vertically, while the baseball & softball hitting motion is predominantly a sideways, rotational movement. So while squats do a great job of strengthening the legs for vertical motions, they’re not going to do much for improving rotational[…]

Off-Season Baseball Power Hitting – Cycle 1

This program is ONLY for healthy athletes 15 years of age and older!   Dynamic Warm-Up (General – 5 mins) Jog High Knees Carioca Over/Unders Arm Circles   Dynamic Warm-Up (Hitting) Runner (Resisted Hip & Shoulder Flexion) – Set#1 – (Ankle – Orange band; Hand – Orange Band); Right/Left, 10[…][…]