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How to Hit Home Runs, Crush a Ball or Throw Your Hardest

Try or Swing Your Hardest? Ever tried to put a little more power in your swing to hit a home run, hit a ball harder, further or throw faster? Most athletes find it doesn’t work out very well. It really doesn’t matter the sport. Anytime you try to swing or[…]

Golf – How Shoulder Turn Impacts Shot Power & Consistency – Part #1

How to Optimize Your Body & Golf Swing You’ve spent a lot of time & money getting fit and buying new “optimized” clubs. You’ve got them and the reality sets in that while they are the latest, coolest new technology, you’re still not hitting the ball consistently. Maybe you need[…]

How Hip and Shoulder Separation Improve Rotational Hitting and Throwing Performance

Improving performance in rotational sports, such as hitting and throwing, demands effective use of specific core muscles. Effective use of these muscles can automatically increase body torque, bat or arm speed, and power. Ineffective use impedes attaining these desired goals. Rotational power increases with improved hip and shoulder separation. An[…]

Do Planks Improve Performance?

Planks Improve Spine Stability & Health When planks are performed correctly, they are a great exercise for general spine health for both athletes and non-athletes. They may not improve your hitting, throwing, swinging, kicking or punching velocity, but they do help re-align the spine, pelvis and shoulders in their natural[…]

Training Should Be Specific

The primary goal of competitive athletes should be to improve sports performance. The most direct way to improvement is to effectively use the concept of specificity of training. In other words, you perform as you train. Consequently, an athlete’s familiarity with this exercise concept is essential.   Specificity of training[…]

What is The Core & Core Training?

This post will define The Core and What Core Training is. What is The Core? In the strength & conditioning and physical training worlds, the core often refers to a specific part of the human body being trained. While the definition of the core may differ based on who you[…]

Why Powercore 360 is the Perfect Training Tool for Rotational Sports Movements!

This article discusses why Powercore 360 is the perfect training tool for rotational sport athletes who want to hit, throw, or kick with maximal power and velocity. Various issues, related to rotational sports movement training and performance, will be presented, including 1) power sources of the body; 2) body sequencing[…]

Four Words You Don’t Want Your Athlete to Say!

You’re doing your lesson and everything is fine until your athlete says “I don’t feel very good”, “I feel kinda lighted headed”! This post will discuss what to do to prevent this from happening again. Background Information It’s the middle of July with summer heat blaring, we’re indoors with no[…]

Golf Warm-Up – Dos & Dont’s

What you do in the hours leading up to your round of golf can either help or hurt your play. If you workout prior to a round of golf,  how you warm-up and specifically what exercises or activities you do can help your body perform the golf swing movements and[…]

Top Three Golf Stretches to Develop Perfect Golf Swing

Flexibility for the Perfect Golf Swing The modern day perfect golf swing requires that your body has good flexibility in the right places to effortlessly turn the hips and shoulders through impact and the follow-through. This post will present three flexibility & strength exercises to increase the turn of your[…]