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Baseball Hitting Tips – How to Engage & Turn Hips Using Assistance

This video shows how to improve baseball hitting technique using the assistance of a Powercore 360 Baseball Hitting System Workout resistance band. The resistance band assists the turn of the hips, allowing the athlete to feel the turn of the hips as they perform the hitting or swing motion. Since[…]

Baseball Hitting Drills – How to Engage & Turn Hips Using Resistance Band

Engaging and strengthening the muscles around the hips and pelvis improves hitting technique as well as increases the rotational speed of the body, which increases bat speed. This video shows how to hit a baseball while at the same time engaging and strengthening these hip and pelvic muscles. The Powercore[…]

Baseball Hitting Drills – Learning How to Transfer Your Weight

There are different styles of hitting, but many believe that transferring the body weight from the back foot towards the front is an important factor in hitting with power. This video will show how to transfer the body weight using the Powercore 360 Baseball Power Hitting System to feel how[…]

How to Throw a Baseball – Youth Throwing Development & Activation Exercises

This video shows a youth baseball player learning how to engage and condition the throwing muscles of the core, spine, shoulders and shoulder blades. These drills work to improve: hip & shoulder separation engagement & activation of the throwing muscles before practice or a game proper body sequencing strength &[…]

How to Hit a Baseball – Hands “Extending” Through the Hitting Zone

Watch this professional baseball player demonstrate how to improve extension through the hitting zone using the Powercore 360 Baseball Power Hitting System to feel the hands and bat moving long through the zone. Different players and hitting instructors believe and teach different swing techniques. This player demonstrates a “short down[…]