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How to Hit a Baseball – Hands “Extending” Through the Hitting Zone

Watch this professional baseball player demonstrate how to improve extension through the hitting zone using the Powercore 360 Baseball Power Hitting System to feel the hands and bat moving long through the zone. Different players and hitting instructors believe and teach different swing techniques. This player demonstrates a “short down[…]

How to Hit a baseball – Baseball Workouts – Advanced Power Hitting Training

This video shows a professional baseball player engaged in a Powercore 360 Baseball Power Hitting Workout Program. These advanced conditioning exercises will increase the strength of his legs, hips, core, spine and shoulders so he can generate and tolerate increased body rotational speed and power to ultimately increase bat speed[…]

How to Hit a Baseball – Improving Power Hitting Technique in 17 Minutes

This video shows baseball drills & tips to improve hitting technique in a 17 minute training session using the Powercore 360 Baseball Power Hitting System. Before and after swings are shown to demonstrate the changes in his swing technique as a result of the the Powercore 360 Training.

How to Strengthen Shoulder for Baseball, Softball Volleyball

Learn How to Strengthen the Shoulder Blade Muscles to Better Position the Shoulder Blades for Maximal Safe Throwing & Hitting Forces Before Training the Shoulder Rotator Cuff Muscles, Perform the Following Exercise to Position the Shoulder Blades in their Proper Position. The Shoulder Blades Need to be Properly Positioned so[…]